Re: Slavic rezet

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
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Date: 2003-04-03

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> I am not thinking at the methatesis of " ri" like an "irzet". I am
> thinking about the metatesi of "zet". And this is just because
there is
> a romanian word with unknown etymology which means " to cut
off", "to
> clip" . The word is "a reteza" and there are toponyms too like
> Retezatul.
> Maybe this is just a coincidence but rezet - retez looks very close
> if we accept the methathesis, then it is the same word. It can have
> 'rezet' the original word, or it could have been 'retez' the
> word.

But such a metathesis would be very unusual for Slavic (if you
suspect Proto-Slavic *re^zIcI to be a substrate word, derived by
metathesis from something like **retez (?)), and please note that the
Proto-Slavic and most of its historically attested reflexes have -c-
[ts] rather than plain -t- here.

> Question: which is the etymology of Slavic "rezet"?

As I wrote in my previous message, it's a transparent deverbal noun,
derived from the verb *re^zati 'to cut' with a little help of the
suffix *-IcI. The verb itself is usually etymologized as < PIE
*wreh1g^- 'break, tear to pieces' (with regular Balto-Slavic
simplification *wr- > *r).