zgaver [Re: slavic "dalto"]

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 20746
Date: 2003-04-03

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> >zgavër 'hole'
> Isn't this rather related to Lat. excavare?
> >Abdullah
> George
As far as I know, this word was treated by Pokorny I 397 as prefixed
form based on PAlb *gawira related to IE *geu-r, *gou-r 'bent,
crooked'. According to V. Orel, another variant is zguer (AED,
For me, the Orel's mentioned variant fit this explanation, as we may
see from another word gur- +-m- az (-as) `(O)seophagus; gullet;
throat' - double suffixed.
But, concerning the word zgavër, I think that its an inner formation
by intensive prefix z-, also another prefix ga- and the root vër-
(archaic form of today vërimë `hole', cf. grimë `particle' a
denominal of grij `to grate, to mince'), Toskë variant of Gegë
birë `hole'.