Re: [tied] Re: Racatau

From: george knysh
Message: 20721
Date: 2003-04-02

--- alex_lycos <altamix@...> wrote:
>> > Coincidence or not, there are too the tribe
> >> of Racatenses to
> >> find in the ancient times
> >
> > GK: What's your source? And what are these
> > times?
> Claudio Ptolemeus. His name speaks for the time too.

*****GK: The only thing your three "Racatau" toponyms
show, Alex, is that IF they go back as far as
Ptolemy's tribe, they were picked up, transformed, and
passed on by later, as you put it, "emigrants". What
you need to have, in order to prove your point, is an
awful lot of demonstrable Thracian (or Getan) toponyms
surviving either in pristine or adulterated form. And
even that kind of evidence would require other factors
(such as genetically related archaeological cultures)
to be persuasive. This is elementary. There are no
Khazars at Kazarovychi, and no Turks at Kagarlik (both
just south of Kyiv). Populations have come and gone.
But the place names have survived. There are countless
similar examples across the globe.******

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