dalto= spalten= parte

From: alex_lycos
Message: 20719
Date: 2003-04-02

I thought about something else because of this funny slavic "dalta".
The germanic word for "separate" is spalten ( not only trennen).
The romanian word for " to separate" is " a despãrTi"
The etymology of the romanian word is given as usual from an
reconstitued Latin word *dispartire which I consider has not 1 cent
We know the latin 'departire' = to separate which appears to be
compounded from "parts".
To part in romanian = "împãrTi" = et. = Lat impartire.
To hack= ciopârTi, no etymology given.
It seems there is the word "part" which will have the germanic falt.
that the germanic "falt" the meaning "part" has is demonstrated in the
words as 'vielfältig'= more parts.
In this case, there should be the root? The germanic "l" will be against
of the supposed *part?
In this respect it should be seen the word dalto is to see with germanic
falten and with italic parte, with sanskrit purta, meaning "to part".Any