[tied] Re: slavic "dalto"

From: Abdullah Konushevci
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Date: 2003-04-02

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> > I am talking in general, not only about these words. I hope I
> many arguments for both words, so who likes to accept them it's
> to him.
> So, "in general", you're in one team with objective scholars like
Eqrem Çabej, Eric Hamp, Calvert Watkins and Waclaw Cimochowski,
while your recommended course for me is to follow Selishchev, whom I
haven't read but whose work, I gather, has been used by Serbians
with a nationalist agenda as a political weapon. That's a rather
unpleasant insinuation. Am I being oversensitive, or do you really
ascribe to me an anti-Albanian bias merely because I happen to
disagree with you on linguistic issues? Those who have met me on
this list for a long time will know how absurd that would be. As for
the rest, I don't care.
> > Thanks to You, now I doubt that we even have to deal with
> at all. As everyone could understands, we have here to do with
pure Slavic loans from (proto-)Albanian, becouse, as we see, these
words in
> Slavic are orphans.
> The above is a reiteration of a patently false opinion for
rhetorical effect, not a valid logical conclusion.
> > For me, this issue is closed.
> I rest my case too.
> Piotr
Once was not posted!
I try for second time
Not at all. On contrary, I wish not to be the solder of the absurd.
I like to make friends everywhere, even those with whom I not agree.
But defending such ideas as Albanians as non-desendent of Illyrians,
I confess that I start to doubt in Your attitude as linguist.
Nevertheless, I believe you agree to defend each one their position,
but on scientific basis.