Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls

From: Michael J Smith
Message: 19773
Date: 2003-03-13


On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 21:08:12 +0100 "alex_lycos" <altamix@...>
> Michael J Smith wrote:
> > Alex, where does the name Marcomir come from, and how is it
> related
> > to the Cimmerians?
> How could I know where the name came from? I don't know. I just know
> it
> is related to kimerioi since a leader of them was called Marcomir.

Yes you do know, you just told me now! You said it was the name of a
Cimmerian leader, that's all I wanted to know. But, where is this
Cimmerian leader Marcomir's name attested and in what sources? I thought
only Iranian names were attested among the Cimmerians, the few that are.
What other Cimmerian personal names are attested, and who recorded them?
Assyrians? Please explain because I've never heard of this Marcomir, the
name doesn't seem Iranian.


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