Re: [tied] Troj ( it was ancient sources)

From: Michael J Smith
Message: 19772
Date: 2003-03-13

Hey Peter,
> (b) Can you think of any reason why a Greek work, such as Homer,
> would
> pretend Greeks and Trojans were able to speak to each other? It
> wouldn't
> make much sense to Greek listeners, if the Trojan speech was given
> in
> something foreign. We cannot take this as historical evidence.
> (c) You suggested Trojans spoke Thracian because of the Thracian
> toponyms.
> Now you are suggesting the Thracian names arrived later.

Isn't there a strong possibility that the Trojans spoke
non-Indo-European Anatolian Hurrian or Hattian? Or maybe it was a
language related to Etruscan or Pelasgian?

Also, Doesn't the Iliad mention the Thracians as allies of the Trojans
and as people distinct from the Trojans?


> Peter
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