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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-03-13

For 'flood'? Possibly something derived from *g^rei- 'spread'. Hittite has <karitt-> 'flood', and (as Jens pointed out on this list some time ago) in Indo-Iranian there are reflexes of *g^rej-es- (e.g. Old Indic jrayas- 'expanse') and of nil-grade *g^ri- (uru-jri- 'extending over a wide space, pari-jri- 'spreading all about'). Not a very secure etymon, but it looks good enough as a working idea.


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> What would the PIE word be?
> In Santali, d.uba, d.ubau 'to flood'; d.uba 'flood'.
> In Gujarati, d.ubavum 'to drwon, to sink'
> Another word in Santali: bad., bad.i 'a flood'. Cognate in Hindi:
> ba_d.h