Re: [tied] Re: Celts/Gauls

From: alex_lycos
Message: 19743
Date: 2003-03-12

Michael J Smith wrote:

> Alex, where does the name Marcomir come from, and how is it related
> to the Cimmerians?

How could I know where the name came from? I don't know. I just know it
is related to kimerioi since a leader of them was called Marcomir.

> And what evidence is their that the term Kimmeroi
> referred to all/any Nordic peoples? Didn't it specifically referr to
> the Cimmerians/Gimmeri North of the Black sea? Do we even know from
> graves or skeletal remains whether they were Nordic or not?

Gimmeri seems to be the armenian form for Kimerioi ( is it?)
For someone which is living in Aia Minor, people from nordic part of
Pontus Euxinus are "nordic". For someone living in Pontus Euxinus, the
Germans and Slavs are Nordic ( excluding south slavs).
I am not aware if there are graves of "cymerians" with skeletons for
seing what a typus of people these cymerians have been.

> Or do you think that they could have been a grouping of several
> linguistic/ethnic peoples?
> And what do you mean by the connection of Celtic "Marco" with Dacian
> "Marcodava"?

I dont' mean there ia an 100% connection. I just see the phonetical
similarities but it doesnt mean too much. We have had some time ago here
on cybalist a discution about false friends. I do not have any arguments
for sustaining this connection . Just the usual "feeling" which can be
very wrong, of course.