The Sheep and the Horses

From: Pavel Adamek
Message: 19733
Date: 2003-03-12

Some questions concerning the fable
"The Sheep and the Horses" by August Schleicher:

1) Is somewhere online the original version in "Schleicherish dialect"?
(Its title is said to be "avis akvasas ka".)

2) What would it be in "Cybalistish dialect"?
Here is my attempt to transcribe some version found on the net
into the Cybalistish orthography,
but I am not able to add laryngeals correctly
and to differentiate all 3 rows of velars.

owis h1ek^woes-kWe

gWrre:i owis, kWesjo wlnah2 ne eh1est, h1ek^woens espeket,
oinom ghe gWrrum wog^Hom weg^Hontm,
oinom-kWe megam bHorom,
oinom-kWe gHmmenm o:k^u bHerontm.

owis nu h1ek^womos ewekWet -
"ke:r h2agHnutoi moi ek^wo:ns ag^ontm nerm widntei".

h1ek^woes tu ewekWont -
"kJludHi, owei, ke:r gHe agHnutoi nsmei widntmos -
ne:r, potis, owio:m r wlnah2m sebHi gWHermom westrom kWrnneuti.
negHi owio:m wlnah2 h1esti".

tod k^ek^luwo:s owis h2agrom ebHuget.

h2ag^- "to drive" (,
part. agJont "driving", acc. agJontm;
h2ag^ro- "field, plain" (,
acc. ag^rom;
"to burn",
bHer- "to carry",
part. bHeront "carrying", acc. bHerontm,
bHor- "load", acc. bHorom;
bhug- "to flee",
praet. ebHuget;
h1ek^wo-s "horse" (,
pl. ek^woes, acc. ek^woens, dat. ek^womos;
h1es- "to be", h1esti, praet. eh1est;
loc. gWrre:i;
gWer:- "heavy" (,
acc. gWrrum;
gHmmen- "man, earthling",
acc. gHmmenm;
gWHerm- "warm",
acc. gWHermom;
ke:r "heart";
k^lu- "to hear",
imperat. k^ludhi,
perf. k^ek^luwo:s;
-kWe "and";
kWesjo "whose";
"to make",
praes. kWrnneuti;
dat. moi;
mega- "big",
acc. megam;
ne "not";
ne:r "man",
acc. nerm;
dat. nsmei;
oi-no- "one",
acc. oinom;
o:kJu "quick, swift" (;
owi-s "sheep" (,
voc. owei;
potis "lord";
dat. sebHi;
spek- "to see",
praet. espeket;
to- "this",
n. tod;
wlnah2 "wool",
acc. wlnah2m;
wekW- "to speak, to say" (,
praet. ewekWet, 3. pl. ewekWont;
part. weg^Hont "pulling", acc. weg^Hontm,
wog^Ho- "wagon", acc. wog^Hom;
wid- "to see",
? sg. widntei, pl. widntmos;
wes-tro- "garment",
acc. westrom;