Re: Celtic or Germanic?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 19731
Date: 2003-03-12

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> Hi,
> I've heard two arguments to account for the Celtic speach and
> names among the Cimbri:
> 1. That they were originally Germanic speakers from Jutland, but
> they moved south and stayed among Celtic speakers (which is where
we hear
> of certain Romans having to learn Celtic to communicate with them)
> picked there language and much of their clothing and equipment.
> 2. That they were originally Celtic-speakers, and can be
associated with
> the Gundestrop cauldron, which seems to portray Celtic themes, but
> Germanic-speaking by the time Tacitus recorded them.
> Regarding the latter, Ammianus of Marcellinus (quoting Timagenes)
> Ephoros of Cyme (quoted by Strabo) mention the Celts as having
> come from the outermost
> Isles beyond the Rhine. Regarding this, there was the Baltic island
> Abalum, and this seems to be a word of Celtic origin.
> -Michael
As mentioned in dr. George's words of wisdom, we've covered this
ground before. Personally I think the Cimmerians passed by the
Scordici and Treballoi, commissioned the cauldron there (or whatever)
and brought to Himmerland, where it was found, close to the Celtic-
like stronghold at Borremose. In my script the Cimbri/Cimmerians
placed it in the bog just prior to the attack on Jutland by
the "Odin" invasion.