Re: Ice age, plate tectonics and PIE

From: tgpedersen
Message: 19728
Date: 2003-03-12

--- In, "Daniel J. Milton" <dmilt1896@...>
> The one seriously proposed shoreline change that might have had
> a significant effect on Indo-European origins is the one proposed
> Pitman et al.'s "Noah's Flood" book, where the Mediterranean broke
> through the straits and flooded a supposed sub-sealevel freshwater
> predecessor of the Black Sea (I believe someone brought this up on
> Cybalist a while ago). However, there was a paper by a Turkish
> group in the journal Geology last year (I can check the ref. if
> anyone wants it) that demolished the theory. Essentially, they
> demonstrated (to my satisfaction at least) that through the time
> when Pitman would have a mighty cataract pouring northward,
> sediments in the Sea of Marmara were quietly prograding southward.

That's strange, since that's the Old Greek version too (by I forgot
whom). How about this scenario:

1) The Black Sea is a melt water lake with a level above that of the
oceans, in the vicinity of several inland glaciers, connected to the
Oceans by a river flowing south and west in what is now the Bosporus
and Dardanelles.

2) Catastrophic collapse of glaciers overfills Black Sea, causing it
to spill huge volumes of water though the river to the Ocean.

3) This erodes the bottom of the river to below sea level.

4) After the catastrophic outflow, sea water passes though the
expanded channel (= present Bosporus, Dardanelles).