Re: [tied] Yaziges & Roxolanes

From: george knysh
Message: 19708
Date: 2003-03-11

--- alex_lycos <altamix@...> wrote:
> I wonder about the previous home of the Yaziges.
> As far I know, they are known as Yaziges Metanastes=
> the Emigrants
> Yaziges, or Yaziges who changed their home.

*****GK: It's the Yazygi who settled in the
Danube/Tysa plains in the early 1rst c. AD who were
called "migrants". Some remained behind (not

> Their cousins, the Roxolanes have a "properly name".
> Questions:
> 1)what should mean "Yaziges" and where do we find
> previous traces of
> them before arriving in south of Ukraine?

******GK: (from memory) The archaeological cultures of
the steppes between Don and Volga in the 6th-3rd c. BC
are where one usually searches for the ancestors of
the historical Yazygi. Perhaps our linguists can
etymologize the name. Yazigi burials (esp. in later
times) are generally identified by the SOUTHERN
orientation of the skeleton.******

> 2) which is the etymology of Roxolanes? Is there to
> make a link with
> "alanes" ?

******GK: Some have tried this. Vernadsky for instance
sees them as the "Roks"---"Alani" (the "radiant"
Alans). But I'm not that sure this is right. Again, a
problem for our etymologists.******

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