Re: [tied] ] Hellenic and Thracian

From: P&G
Message: 19706
Date: 2003-03-11

> how could the Greek
> dialects be best grouped together? Is Mycenaen closest to Ionian,
> Aeolian, Dorian, Achaean? And what would Dorian be closest to? And
> Aeolian? And is Arcacian the same or a related dialect of Mycenaen?

The dialects split into two fairly distinct groups, East Greek and West
East Greek:
Attic-Ionic: East Ionic, Central Ionic, Attic, Euboean
Aeolic: Mainland;
Lesbian, Boeotian,
Arcado-Cyprian: Arcadian (incl Tegean); Cyprian Pamphylian

West Greek
Northwest Greek: Phocian, Locrian, Elean, N-W koine
(a) Mainland: Laconian & Heraclean
Argolic, Megarian
Corinthian and Corinthian colonies
(b) Island: Theran & Cyrenaean
Coan, Rhodian, Cretan

There is considerable interference from one dialect to another in some
areas, especially Western Thessaly.

The place of Mycenaean has been disputed, but it is clearly related more to
East Greek than West Greek. It should be connected either with Aeolic (as
Chadwick suggests) or with Arcadian & Cyprian (as Palmer suggests, with
historical arguments) or better, as a form of East Greek existing before
these divisions were established. It is less easily connected with Ionic,
and this connection also seems less likely for historical and geographic

Hope that helps