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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-03-11

Err... you _are_ wrong here. <aga-> as in Agamemnon is an intensifying prefix in Greek (etymological interpretations vary; it might be the zero grade of <mega->, i.e. *m.g^h2-, thouh I'm aware of other possibilities as well). But in Agathocles the first element is simply <agatHo-> 'good, noble'. Agathyrsi does make sense as a _Greek_ name (even if it should be a folk-etymologial distortion of an unknown original, or whatever).


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> > ******GK: If "Thyrsoi" is a Greek rendition of an IE
> > term meaning "bold, strong" (as J. suggests), then
> > perhaps we should look for a Greek explanation of
> > "Aga" also. Does it have one? Is it the same as in
> > AGAmemnon?******
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> and Agathocles too .. if I am not too wrong.