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From: george knysh
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Date: 2003-03-11

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> > *****GK: Just in passing. What would be your
> reading
> > of the tribal name AGATHYRSI (Herodotus)?
> > AGA===THYRSI? What would "AGA" be here? Snake,
> > Mountain? ??******
> No snake, no mountain, but "agha"
> Tomascheck has its own interpretation of "aga". He
> suppose this meant
> "bad/hard" in "scythic mouth".
> What should mean this "schythinc mouth" , it remains
> open since it seems
> "scyths" is more a common geographical name as a
> folk or linguistic
> unity.
> As for "tyrsos" Tomascheck make the connection with
> PIE *ters and it
> should mean simply "peasants". From this name should
> be derivate the
> name known by Greeks , the one of "thracians".So he
> will to say
> Aga-Thyrosos meant " the bad/hard thracians" aka
> "the bad/hard
> peasants".

******GK: If "Thyrsoi" is a Greek rendition of an IE
term meaning "bold, strong" (as J. suggests), then
perhaps we should look for a Greek explanation of
"Aga" also. Does it have one? Is it the same as in

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