Re: [tied] Re: Laryngeal theory as an unnatural

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 18371
Date: 2003-02-01

On Sat, 01 Feb 2003 12:07:37 -0000, "tgpedersen
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>--- In, "P&G" <petegray@...> wrote:
>> > Sanskrit for heart, which presupposes an
>> > initial gH^ instead of k^ found elsewhere.
>> But Skt s'rad-dadhati ("believe") shows the expected form. The hrd
>form may
>> come, as Pokorny suggests, simply from a rhyme-word developed
>within I-I.
>> Peter
>Herz und Schmerz? ;-) I still think mine is a possible solution. But
>I should look into all the other dh/t, bH/p etc alternations to see
>if an explanation with a "loose" nasal might work.

Perhaps you should concentrate on finding a "loose" nasal in the first
place. In IE, we have s-mobile, but there's not a shred of evidence
for an "m-mobile" (as there is in Kartvelian). Given the almost
complete absence of prefixation in Proto-Indo-European (again, as
opposed to Kartvelian, where for instance 1/2 person verbal affixes
are prefixed), I predict you're not going to find anything.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal