Re: [tied] Re: future

From: P&G
Message: 18365
Date: 2003-02-01

> One question for our scholars. Which connection should be the Latin
> "futurus"? Time, existence, movement?

The word is transparent within Latin as the future participle of a verb "to
be", found in the perfect forms fui etc, infinitive fore (= futurum esse, in
meaning), and disguised in the -bo futures and the -ba- imperfects. There
has been some debate about connecting these -b- forms with the fui word, but
I think the doubters lost. We can take both back to the *bheu word = to
flourish, to be.

My personal heresy is that Latin foveo, I cherish, might derive from this
root, as a causative (regular -o- grade + -e/o ending, = I cause to
flourish) although it is normally taken back to a different root meaning to

The vivo word is completely different root, *gWei = to live. It has all
sorts of extensions and there's laryngeals in there if you want them. The
forms it shows are a delight.