Re: [tied] Re: future

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18361
Date: 2003-02-01

g wrote:
>> The question here is how are we able to say "ignorance of one's
>> language"?
> That's what it is!
>> Which are the criteria? The literary language? The language
>> of the elite? I don't know if this is a good explanation
> If you don't know, then listen to someone who knows
> Marius merely pointed out many people use forms that
> are simply wrong. And they are wrong. That someone has
> the... social status of a peasant does not makes him/her
> a Moses-like prophet and his/her stammering milestones
> in linguistics. (Ist das die Lach- und Schiessgesellschaft? :)

Ich glaube langsam das ist eine Lachgesellschaft. You can let the
sarcasm slows down here since you say the peasants are wrong. Are they?
They are the people who made this language. Not me, not you and not
generations of linguists & or analyst of language. And you cannot say
they are wrong. You can just say the way they speak doesn't fit in the
"tried_to_be_found" rules and I guess , that should be the only one
thing which can be said about peasants.