Re: future

From: g
Message: 18358
Date: 2003-02-01

>Very nice. I learned that Latin rotacised the intervocalic "s" so from
>such an *fuesam > *fueram. Now take a look at the romanian:
>eu fu(se)i
>tu fu(se)[$]i
>el fu(se)
[noi fu(se)ram, voi fu(se)ratzi, ei/ele fu(se)ra]


[eu fusesem, tu fusese$i, el/ea fusese]
>noi fuseseram
>voi fusese[ra]tzi
>ei fusese[ra]


>I guess you will tell me that Latin "ui" > "u" in romanian, and that the
>form with "s" is the one from Latin "fuiss-" don't you?

Lat. fu-i, fu-isti, fu-it... vs. Rum. fu-(se)i, fu-(se)$i, fu-[zero] or fu-se.

(lamuriri suplimentare la noi)