Re: [tied] Re: future

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18354
Date: 2003-01-31

Miguel Carrasquer wrote:
> There is no Latin verb *fire (the asterisk is appropriate). You're
> referring to <fieri> which is the source of the _infinitive_ or
> Romanian <a fi> "to be". The othr forms are plainly derived from teh
> Latin verb <esse> pres. sum, es, est, sumus etc., impf. eram, eras,
> erat, etc., pf. fui, fuisti:, fuit etc. The forms derived from fui
> most certaily have s'es all over their paradigm:

I just wrote the form which is given by DEX Miguel. If you like, I can
scan it for you.
DEX gives ideed the form you give but without "*"
...from Latin "sum", "*fui","*fire (=fieri)"

> fui: fueram (*fu-es-a:-m) fuero: (*fu-es-o:)
> fuisti: fuera:s (*fu-es-a:-s) fueris (*fu-es-es)
> fuit fuerat (*fu-es-a:-t) fuerit (*fu-es-et)
> fuimus fuera:mus (*fu-es-a:-mos) fuerimus (*fu-es-o-mos)
> fuistis fuera:tis (*fu-es-a:-tes) fueritis (*fu-es-e-tes)
> fue:re fuerant (*fu-es-a:-nt) fuerint (~ *fu-es-o-nt)
> fuerim (*fu-es-i:-m) fuissem (*fu-es-se:-m)
> fueri:s (*fu-es-i:-s) fuisse:s (*fu-es-se:-s)
> fuerit (*fu-es-i:-t) fuisset (*fu-es-se:-t)
> fueri:mus (*fu-es-i:-mos) fuisse:mus (*fu-es-se:-mos)
> fueri:tis (*fu-es-i:-tes) fuisse:tis (*fu-es-se:-tes)
> fuerint (*fu-es-i:-nt) fuissem (*fu-es-se:-nt)
> fuisse (*fu-es-se)
> futu:rus (*fu-tu:s-os?)

Very nice. I learned that Latin rotacised the intervocalic "s" so from
such an *fuesam > *fueram.
Now take a look at the romanian:

eu fusei
tu fusei
el fuse
noi fusesem ( fuseram)
voi fusesati (fuseti, fusera)
ei fusese (fuse, fusera)

Don't you find nice to find here the Old Latin form without the
rhotacisation of the "s"? Almost just as in the very ancient form of
latin? There must be an expalantion, which is the one?
I guess you will tell me that Latin "ui" > "u" in romanian, and that the
form with "s" is the one from Latin "fuiss-" don't you?