[tied] Re: future

From: aquila_grande
Message: 18343
Date: 2003-01-31


It depends on wihch context.

If you say for example "i fremtiden" = "in the future" - a
scandinavian will connect the word to a time that starts after a
spesific period from now.

If you say "min fremtid" = my future - I will think of a part of my
life that strarts after a spesific period from now.

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> aquila_grande@... wrote:
> > The scandinavian verson is a bit difficult to analyze in english,
> > I will try: It consist of two stems compounded together frem=forh
> > tid=time, ie. forth-time
> As a native skandinavian how will you connect by yourself the word
> future? With time, with life, with motion?
> For me as "outsider" it should be connected with "time. But I have
> feeling for the language and in german is the another one with
> "kommmen."
> Alex