Re: Evolution of Language

From: x99lynx@...
Message: 18339
Date: 2003-01-31

I wrote:
>In the meantime, I'd point out that the difference between "rudimentary
>language"/ "limited signaling of some animals" and human language has not
>been qualitatively or functionally distinguished in any real scientific

"Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...> wrote: (Fri Jan 31, 2003  3:17 pm)
<<What really doesn't make sense is this lingering notion that language could
possibly have "exploded" into existence. Anybody who takes just five minutes
to think about it should finally realize that this is just not possible for a
multitude of reasons. Language formed in a slow evolutionary process over
tens of thousands of years.>>

Again, if the development of complex human vocal cords are an indication, the
process would seem to have taken hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of
years. Since spoken human language would not be possible without our
specialized vocal ability, and since we have no other good evolutionary
reason why our complex speech organs would develop --aside from language --
it looks like modern language was a long time coming.

"Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...> also wrote:
<<Why are we still hoping and praying for some magic "explosion"? As a
species, we seem to need some magical, non-existent past to glorify our
existence. Why is that?>>

I attribute it to bad whiskey, late nights and the kind of women who go into
your wallet while you're sleeping it off. That kind of thing will make you
need a magical, non-existent past every time. :)