Re: [tied] Re: future

From: alex_lycos
Message: 18329
Date: 2003-01-31

m_iacomi@... wrote:
> --- In, "alex_lycos" <altamix@...> wrote:
>>> Be as skeptical as you desire and as much as you can: but
>>> only if you're aware of genealogies at least *within the
>>> Romanian language* [...]
> It's very sad you didn't remember these explanations already given
> on another list
> Marius Iacomi

People, I just asked about the actual languages and the relationship
between the notion of "future" and the notion of "motion" ( to come) or
the notion of "life/existence/living" in these languages. If the words
which exprime the notion of future are related to "motion" or to "life"
& similars. In this context it is sad you feel that should be sad that I
dont remember about what we never discussed.