Re: future

From: g
Message: 18319
Date: 2003-01-31

>Yes, so I learned. The "viitor" is made with the word "veni"= to come
>+ suffix " -tor". Somewhere should have been the word *venitor and
>from this one should be the actual "viitor" .

"viitor" is a derivation of the Romanian verb, that is of some
of its forms. Just think of these forms still in use: "sa viu, sa
vii, sa vie" (they coexist with the standard ones "sa vin, sa
vii, sa vina"). OTOH, "veni-" > "vini-", which is the popular
pan-Romanian form. The "veni-" one has quite recently been
reinforced by the standard high-brow & upper crust usage.

(Dropping of the -n- isn't unusual in Romanian: just look
at "a spune": eu spun, tu spui. "tu spuni" is archaic and out
of use, except for a few villages esp. in the Banat regions
of... Serbia; hadn't I myself heard this said by persons
from there, I would've been convinced "tu spuni" vanished
centuries ago.)

>I am as usual ( mybe unright) sceptically regarding this
>derivation even if there is no latin word in this,

Be as skeptical as you desire and as much as you can: but
only if you're aware of genealogies at least *within the
Romanian language* (i.e. what Romanian term generates
another Romanian term; I mean the cases where you can
completely ignore what happens in Latin, Italic idioms and
the realm of PIE). (Or, to put it in a more... groovy way:
you gotta have feelin', man! Diggit? :))

>but the romanian " a veni" where from
>the "viitor" should derivate. This is why I asked.

I knew. (I wish I was able to similar guesstimations
whenever choosing 6 outa 49 or whenever appreciating
the odds on the Wall St. :)

>The "ii" from "viitor" can come from an vowel and /v/=/f/.

Or by elidating the -n- that's supposed to once have been
sandwitched between them: *vinitor. (Look at the past
participle of the popular/regional/colloquial variant:
"vinit" -> "Am __vinit__ din România", you'd say especially
if you were a Moldavian or a Transylvanian or someone
from Banat.)

>In so far futuru(s)= vItoru(l)

Not at all. "futurus != viitor".