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From: g
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Date: 2003-01-31

Miguel wrote:

>alex_lycos wrote:
>>Which should be other IE cognates for Latin "futurus" ?
>go to:
>scroll down to *bheu- *bhew&- "to be, to grow".
>Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

I'm afraid this is not what Alex was looking for:

[...] Lat. fui- (alat. fu-i-) `bin gewesen' aus *fu--ai,
des alten Aor. *fu-m (= gr. ?-????, ai. a?-bhu-t `er war'),
fu-tu-rus `künftig', forem `wäre', fore `sein werden', alat.
Konj. fuam, fuat `sei' (*bhuu?a-m; vgl. lit. bu?vo `war' aus
*bhu-u?a-t) [...]

Upon seeing the posting containing those items "vItorU" etc.,
he's again wondering if the Romanian word meaning "future",
i.e. "viitor", is in a way or another related. He'd like the
relationship to be without that Latin... by-pass. :-)
He had been told that "viitor" [/i-i: no diphtong/] is a
substantive < from the verb "a veni - venire" (to come);
and that in other languages on the continent this notion
is expressed by some similar "to-come"-word: Fr. "l'a_venir_",
Ger. "Zu_kunft_ & adj./adv. "_künft_ig", "zu_künft_ig",
Hung. "_jöv_ö"..... &cetera.