From: x99lynx@...
Message: 17895
Date: 2003-01-21

<<I don't think there is any lingusitic evidence for dating them with any
precision. The names might well be Proto-NW-Germanic, as far as their form
and distribution is concerned. There are _extralinguistic_ reasons for
believing that they were coined (or rather translated from Latin) rather
early, since the functional equivalence of Mercury = Wodan, Jupiter = Thunar
and Mars = Tiw suggest an early stage in the development of the (NW) Germanic

Thanks much, Piotr. Very, very appreciated.

Do you have a guess at when OE <wodan>, OHG <woutan> and whatever
proto-Scandinavian form (did it already have that curled d in it?) were all
one word? Do we go back as far as Proto-Germanic or rather probably proto-NW
Germanic (since no Gothic)? Or is there something else involved? Like are
all the sound changes the basic ones or are there later ones? Around what
date would you put that at? (I know you've done this in the past, but Yahoo
won't let me retrieve it.)

<<A good question! If there are any human admins at Yahoo, I don't know how to
contact them. There was a crisis once when Cybalist simply disappeared for a
few days, and I couldn't get any help whatsoever. A question to all: Are there
any list members with the necessary know-how?>>

Piotr, do they give you actual access to the archives files in any way? Do
they give you a code word that lets you onto their server for administrative
reasons? Is there any mention of an ftp address? Also, you know on the old
IE list Alderson got them to put everything on the The Linguist lists, which
has a really good search engine and also permitted the moderator to download
a complete copy.