From: x99lynx@...
Message: 17875
Date: 2003-01-21

<<OE <woden> or OHG <woutan>...>>

Another thing. The OFrisian form of Wednesday -- <wo:nsdei> -- shows I think
that the day name could develop separately from the god name. Possibly some
speakers did not even recognize Wodan's name in <wo:nsdei>.

But the OE and OHG forms seem to be literal. Which would mean that the day
names could not have happened before the two versions of *wodinaz split (if
they did). When -- in theory -- is the latest date that the god name could
have been the same word in OE, OHG or rather their predecessor language(s)?
(Assuming that the word wasn't a loan at one point or another.)

Thanks again,
Steve Long