Re: [tied] Re: Of Aryanism

From: Harald Hammarstrom
Message: 17821
Date: 2003-01-20

> > > The evidence is that Greeks and Romans were certainly dark.
> > Interesting - I didn't know that. What is this evidence?
> One source of evidence is their own descriptions of themselves in writing,
> eg:
> nigris oculis nigroque capello
> Other literary evidence includes their reactions to people of different skin
> colouring.
> Some evidence comes from Athenian vases, where a distinction is clearly made
> between the darker coloration given to people with negroid features and
> Egyptian names (eg "Amasis" on a pot of Exekias - and yes, I know it's black
> figure, but the difference in coloration is clear - check it out). We can
> pick up the same idea in the OT, where someone says "I am dark, but comely"
> (now changed due to PC to "I am dark and comely").
> It's an interesting topic and deserves a more thoughtful response than
> this - but time presses.

Interesting. Is there a similiar literary quote in Greek/by Greeks to the
Latin one you gave?

best wishes,