Re: Permission to cite extensively?

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 16689
Date: 2002-11-11

--- In cybalist@..., Juha Savolainen <juhavs@...> wrote:
> To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, I want to> stress that I
will not republish extensively your> material unless given the
permission by you, of> course. However, the fact that this
information is> available here is surely too important to be
concealed> from other "Khambat enthusiasts".

Thanks a lot, Juha. Please feel free to use the material as you deem
fit. As you note, it is already in the public domain and can be used
extensively, if need be. I will also post from the Geological
Society of India reference.

After the flak received from the India Today journalistic hyperbole,
scientists of NIOT are shy of publicity and do their job quietly
and, I may add, very professionally and with scientific temper. I
have been telling them that in this day and age of internet, they
should not fight shy of letting everyone know of and judge what they
have done and what they propose to do. In my view, NIOT is defining
marine archaeology in Bha_rata in one of the toughest seas with
waves as high as 11 ft. and strong currents; SR Rao's pioneering
work was only in shallow coast-line of Dwa_raka.