Re: [tied] classical Greek (and Latin) vowels

From: Lisa
Message: 16633
Date: 2002-11-08

Thanks very much, Miguel! That's very helpful to me.

Just to clarify a couple things...

- By "Pre-Greek" do you mean "Proto-Greek"? (The latter is the only
term I am familiar with is why I ask.)

- Was the "ae" diphthong in Latin pronounced as the "ai" diphthong,
i.e. [ai]? Like "oi" and "oe" [oi](?), I had assumed the first for
each simply came to be written as the second by convention. If this
was not the case, and "ae" was qualitatively different from "ai", was
the former [ae] and the latter [ai]? Also, did this differ from Pre-
L to Classical-L?

Finally, I would love to get my hands on vowel charts (and/or
consonant charts; I'm not picky :) of different IE languages. Do you
know if any have been created, and if so, where I could locate them
to get a copy? I have been wanting to make myself a reference packet
with this sort of information in it. (...a page or two for Proto-
Italic, Latin, Proto-Celtic, Modern Welsh, Old Greek, Proto-Germanic,
Old English, and so on and so forth.)

Thanks once again!,