>[Moeller] hmmm.. what do these expresions look for here? They
>are all neologisms, I do not see why you put them on the

In order to emphasize that "caput" is one thing, and "capill-"
is another thing (even if it usually grows on the former).

>Because plete is used for the hair of the women.

And of men! ("MoS Crăciun cu plete dalbe a sosit de prin
nămetzi / Si aduce daruri multe la fetitze si băietzi". :)

>plete= cf DEX from slavic "pletU". I have no ideea about the
>meaning in slavic..

BTW: is this akin to Engl. plait/pleat (via Lat. plicit-us)?
(The initial meaning of Rum. "pleata, plete" also has the
component "braid/ed".)