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> I wonder what else they hide in the vaults of the
> Vatican: perhaps a Latin/Thracian bilingual -- just
> two or three pages, please? The Lord's Prayer in
> Etruscan? A couple of Dacian poems signed by Ovid? A
> ninth-century Greek-Valachian phrasebook?

*****GK: A Greek-Scythian phrasebook from Dio
Chrysostomus' lost library. A Tauric prayerbook from
the temple of Iphigenea. A letter from Shupiluliuma to
Kolaksais III "in our old language" inviting him to
cross the Great Sea for a hunt. (:=)))

   One of the liturgial handbooks used by the Romans.  A Gaulish-Greek bilingual text.

David Fickett-Wilbar