Re: [tied] was Nestor a profi?

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Date: 2002-08-29

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> *****GK: Let me put the point more bluntly. Any
> version of the Primary Chronicle that speaks of
> "pastores romanorum" in the texts dealing with the
> initial historical contacts between Hungarians and
> Danubian basin (in the large sense) populations is the
> product of either fraud or total incompetence. So
> kindly let us have the source which created the
> "problem" you have asked about, so that people may be
> warned not to spend their money uselessly, and so that
> we may know the identity of the individuals or
> institutions peddling such nonsense.*******
[Moeller] good point George. But not in this case. I read the
translation on the net and I do not have a personal hard copie
of any translation from Nestor. I have had a discution on
another group where I sustained the same mess ( pastores
romanus in Nestor) when in the fact this conotation appears
just in both Gestae of Anonymous and Keza:-(
As I read your comment I looked imediately for another
translation and I seen there is no word by Nestor about
"pastores". It ought I have to excuse me in the another forum

P.S. and of course, in the future to see too in 2-3
transaltions before I ask something, even here on cybalist.


a. moeller