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Date: 2002-08-29

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>> *****GK: In Cassius Dio's text, Vologeses the Bessian
> from Thrace is mentioned among a number of other
> protagonists, who for their part bear clearly Thracian
> names. What is interesting is that this name VOLOGESES
> was also borne by no less than SIX Parthian monarchs.
> The Bessian Vologeses was a "priest" of the Thracian
> Dionysus.******

[Moeller] indeed, Cassios means he was a priest of Dionys. I
did not thought that should be relevant. For me relevant was
the fact that g=h an without the sufix of the word we get even
the "voloh" which is not near the form of voloh ( valahian)
but is the same form..Pretty thing i guess....