Severus Quintus Lappus

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 14759
Date: 2002-08-29

I asked before about this pretty unknown writterr. I got no
answer, and I found nothing more about him.
I got an information ( indeed I did not verify it, because
simple I have no ideea where to find something about). I have
no ideea when this one wrotte.
Butt all I know fallows here:
- Lappus tell us abouit a dacian tribe which does not appear
in Ptolemeus list, these beeing "Canadenses"
- Lappus tell us about a city of them called "Montedava"
- Lappus tells us, they spoked a language which he could
understand even if he have had some difficulties to
understand it, but he did.
- Lappus writtes down some words and even a short sentence
from that language:
"non tu sed tsu dicunt"
"dzi" instead of dico.
"est plus pirus", -- this one Lappus could not understand
"marde blans".
The leader of these canadenses have had the house near a river
called "Kebek", river which remains unidentifed untill now.

That is all I know, from only one source, I could not verify
it, I have no ideea if there is more or not in the work of
this Lappus.
Fact is, that what we get here, changes in an very wide way a
lot about we think to know about dacians, and I guess for
every linguist is clear which implications these informations

best regards

a. moeller