Re: [tied] Bangani

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 14729
Date: 2002-08-29

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002 08:12:57 +0200, alexmoeller@... wrote:

>Hi together,
>these two words discuted here on the list give me a lot of

That's really unnecessary.

>Bangani Kotro= to fight
>Bangani= gOsti= guest, gues of honour
>How I said, these words are too in rumanian. to find. cotropi=
>to fight, to invade, to be slef by someone invaded, where the
>cotro is the root and "pi" is in this case a sufix

There is no suffix -pi. There is a prefix cu-/co-, however, so we are most
likely dealing here with a root -trop-, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal