[tied] Re: Categorial collapse

From: tgpedersen
Message: 14709
Date: 2002-08-28

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> BTW have you also heard someone say <für ihr> "for her"?
> Torsten
> [Moeller] yes , but it happens they have been immigrants. Here
> it should be normaly simple to retain " für sie " á la "Darf
> Ich das für Sie tun?":-)

It was something I read in the joke column in Stern: What did the
bank robber's girl friend read? Answer: Für Ihr. I didn't quite get
the joke. Obviously it had to do with the magazine "Für Sie". I
thought perhaps the joke was that she was dumb and didn't speak
proper German. If so, that would be interesting because all the
Germanic language that have given up the distinction between
accusative and dative have kept in general the accusative but kept
the dative in pronouns: Dutch haar, English her, Danish hende etc.
Therefore it would be interesting if there was a (substrate-
influenced?) "low" sociolect of (North) German that did the same.

BTW are you sure you heard "mit die Schaufel" in _South_ Germany?