Re: Categorial collapse

From: tgpedersen
Message: 14708
Date: 2002-08-28

--- In cybalist@..., George S t a n a <gs001ns@...> wrote:
> >[Moeller]
> > I am not sure if in southern Germany is not a such way to
> >speak. Even myself , I heard such things as " mit die
> >Schauffel and similiars.. Someone will say, the people you
> >heard, they simply have no clue of gramatik.
> In "Ruhrgebiet" (the mining region of the Ruhr of
> Rhineland-Westfalia) these occurrences are also to
> be seen due to the fact that recent immigrants
> also played a major role. Ruhr-German does have
> similarities with neighbouring dialects (Rhineland
> and Westfalia), but it is rather a subdialect (with
> certain aspects of sociolect).
The person interviewed was not an immigrant. The same expression in
(non-dialect!) Dutch is "met die vele schaden"
> OTOH, in certain dialects words can have different
> genders as compared with the standard language
> (Hochdeutsch); e.g. in South German (esp. Bavarian)
> you have "der" Butter (instead of "die"), and "das" Monat
> (instead of "der").
> George

Similarly in Danish etc. But the question was of the disappearance of
a category, not deviations within it.