Re: [tied] Re: Unsubscribe me please

From: guto rhys
Message: 14241
Date: 2002-08-06

have I misunderstood something? I have no wish to unsubscribe. As I am not going to Iran, is this message intended for me?

Guto Rhys

 caraculiambro wrote:

I've changed your "message delivery" setting to "no email", so that
you'll remain a member but won't get any messages by email. You can
change it back to the "individual messages" mode when you're back (by
editing your membership profile, which you're free to do at any time;
if there are any problems, contact me off-list). Have a good time in Iran!


--- In cybalist@..., "Pavel Lurje" <pavlvslvria@...> wrote:
> Dear list-moderator, please unsubscribe me or (if it is possible)
suspend my membership in this group until august 25. I have a trip to
Iran, where I'll be possibly completely off-line. I'm afraid my
mailbox will e overloaded.
> Your Pavel.

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