Re: [tied] Proto Romanian Cradle

From: Paul Alesu
Message: 13076
Date: 2002-04-08

Dear Piotr,

I strongly believe there is a big difference between nomadic Rom people
(who move around for not apparent reason with no apparent long or even
short term plan) and transhumant Carpathian shepherds (who move their
flocks with reasons, plans and plenty of local connections which they
preserve from one half year to another).

Another example: Hungarians do remember their travel even after one

However, I do agree with you that proto (East) Romance speaking people
where at home all over Balkans.

Best regards,

Paul Alesu

Paul Alesu wrote:
> 4. A migration, even a slow migration, which according to this
scenario happened not too long ago, something like seven centuries,
should be remembered in folklore. It is not.

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
It may have been considerably earlier than that; anyway, there is no
reason to expect that it would have been remembered for ages, especially
if the migrating people were transhumant shepherds who moved with their
flocks to the highland pastures in summer and to the lower areas in
winter and often moved in search of good pasturage. Migration was, so to
speak, their way of life. The nomadic Rom people apparently had no
remembrance of their Indian homeland by the time they appeared in