Narten presents, *mad- and such

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 13060
Date: 2002-04-06

Hey folks,

I'm just curious about something. How would one conjugate
*mad-. Does it have an o-grade form? Is it a Narten present?
What the hell is it? Just having some thoughts that I'm testing
out. I'd appreciate any input.

Secondly, the American Heritage lists *sa:g- (< *saxg-) as the
precursor to Latin /sagire/ and "seek". However, I remember
mention of that Hittite Narten present (Was it /sakk-/?). What's
the deal on that verb? Is there really a laryngeal there or is
that blindly assumed? Plus, is the final consonant a *g (plain)
or is it a *G (uvular)?

- love gLeN

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