[tied] Re: Misra, Bryant and Indigenous-Nationalist Conflation

From: tgpedersen
Message: 13055
Date: 2002-04-06

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> Torsten: >They are indeed very strong reasons, but for what? How
> the law
> >of palatals argue against PIE presence in India? Suppose it took
> >place there, after the non-II branches left?
> Something like that could have happened but to prove it would
> a major reworking of the law of palatals and assimilation of the
> vowels. So far, no one has thought about this much.
> > I suggested re-introducing Cuny's old proposal
> >that the Ablaut vowel, traditionally rendered e/o/nothing should
> >represented as ä/a/nothing, from which (but after palatalization)
> >there wouldn't be far to Indo-Iranian's a/a/nothing.
> Where can I find more information about this?
As far as I know, no one took up Møller's and Cuny's ideas, except
perhaps for the Nostraticists. Bomhard consistently has AfroAsiatic
a/& as cognate of the IE Ablaut vowel e/o/nothing, but I haven't
checked his actual rule.

Albert Cuny: Recherches sur le vocalisme, le consonantisme et la
formation des racines en "Nostratique", Paris 1943

A. E. Bomhard: Indo-European and the Nostratic Hypothesis, Signum 1996