Re: The Dravidian Salesman

From: tgpedersen
Message: 13031
Date: 2002-04-05

--- In cybalist@..., x99lynx@... wrote:
> <I wonder why the Polish Jews' Yiddish didn't absorb the Polish
> then. Why, come to think of it, did Crimean Gothic borrow the
> numerals '100' and '1000' (Cr.Goth. sada, hazer)?>
> If there were econonic reasons, economic analysis might tell you
why. Both
> Karl Marx and Ronald McDonald will tell you that history moves by
> stomach. And even if Hegel is sometimes right, if history is
sometimes led
> by its head, humans are driven by a lot more in their heads than
> Besides you can't eat prestige. I don't know about Yiddish, but
> Gothic might have been asked to fill Iranian batch orders for those
> Crimean Gothic Sausages in 100's or 1000's (or whatever it is that
> Goths specialized in.) Maybe another extra-linguistic factor here
is the
> inscrutable human tendency to round-off numbers. :)
> Steve

Older Germanic languages had a "small hundred" (100) and a "large
hurdred" (120). With that kind of sloppy terminology, no wonder they
borrowed a more exact hundred from the Iranic-speakers (astronomers,
methematicians and all that).