Re: [tied] Old Names for Months of the year

From: altamix
Message: 13025
Date: 2002-04-05

(PS for A. Moeller: The MS Windows disks I have used here have the language/type and some varied fonts for Romaneste, at least to convert a US keyboard when the options are selected, installed and switched on. On a US keyboard the program just borrows some symbol keys for the extra letters, but it doesnÂ’t work on e-mail unless the direct recipient < also >  has both the language switching software and Eastern Europen languages selected as an option, installed, then set to Romaneste.  I have no idea what the yahhoo mixmaster would do to it J, and use it rarely: but others in the household use it to compose and print..but not to e-mail even friends. )       
thank you Mr Rex. First for explanations of the words  and second for explantion of the characters I have to use.
This is why I asked for a site where I can learn how to write such sounds with common characters.
I seen by Piotr and lingvistic crew here they use something like "*:#" in some words when they try to explain something  where * or : or # means something .What that really means ,they must know of it or maybe the lovely God:))...
Anyway, maybe I find it somewhere:))
Best Regards,
A. Moeller