Re: [tied] Re: Misra, Bryant and Indigenous-Nationalist Conflation

From: P&G
Message: 13021
Date: 2002-04-05

> Which I guess means - since we don't know WHERE the earliest innovations
> IE happened or how they moved - that India MIGHT be the PIE homeland, even
> Sanskrit is many innovations removed from PIE.

(a) Vocabulary - includes northern trees animals and stuff, does not include
southern stuff.
(b) links with Uralic - although the situation is unclear, it is clear that
were links.
(c) The history of movement of I-I speakers down through Iran into India,
which can be traced in toponyms.
(d) Borrowings from Semitic (if there is no closer link) eg the number 6.

No details - this stuff should be basic knowledge - but that's an indication
of some of the arguments that might be used.