Re: [tied] Old Names for Months of the year

From: altamix
Message: 13012
Date: 2002-04-03

> >Undrea or andrea for December=unknown ethymology. Andrea or undrea
> >means so far as knitting-nedle
> Cool, is this like a knitting needle that holds up the sky? You
> know, kinda like a central great mountain or tree or pillar or
> pin that keeps the sky from falling?
> - love gLeN

Boy boy or girl girl.....
I have just only one word in my English - German dictionary for this
strange Undrea/Andrea
Maybe you have better luck if you find a synonim for Stricknadel
German: Stricknadel
Rumanian Andrea/Undrea
English knitting-needle, conform my dictionary.

I hope you get it, if not from a english -german dictionary from a
english-rumanian one......
If you have no luck and still in trouble with the meaning of the word, tell
me..and I will describe it to you. even with a picture if you will like
it... I know the meaning from a nice story.. ( not sure if in conection with
grand mother of Little Red Riding Hood , but i will check:))))

Best Regards,

A. Moeller