[tied] Re: Misra, Bryant and Indigenous-Nationalist Conflation

From: vishalsagarwal
Message: 13004
Date: 2002-04-03

--- In cybalist@..., "Piotr Gasiorowski" <gpiotr@...> wrote:
The only possible exception known to me is the putative centum
substrate in Bangani, but that's in the Western Himalayas (north of
Dehra Du:n), on the northern fringe of the Indian linguistic area,
where a single minor "lost tribe" (like the Tocharians) may have
ended up at an unknown time in the past, coming from Central Asia.

VA: BTW, in recent years, a host of publications have appeared
studying 'pre-Vedic Aryan' practices still said to survive in Kumaon-
Garhwal region. Eg.

KASHYAP, P.C. "Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions in
the Himalayas". in 'Man and Environment', vol XXII, no. 2, 1997,

This variety of literature takes the anti-AMT/AIT viewpoint as well.

Couple it with the fact that the RV is said to represent
predominantly the literature of ONLY ONE BRANCH (Purus, and that too
of their sub-branch, the Bharatas) of a family of groups mentioned in
the RV itself.