Re: [tied] Re: Accepted cognates of Arya?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-02-10

Indo-Iranian *is^t- (Ved. is.t.-, Av. & OPers. is^t-) could derive from a number of hypothetical PIE prototypes, *ist-, *ik^t- or *ig^t-, if we only had independent evidence for any of them. The only putative cognate I know of is Toch. is'cem 'clay (?)', which does not guarantee an IE etymon, Tocharian and Indo-Iranian being within borrowing distance of each other. Witzel points out that a similar word for 'brick' exists in Burushaski (<dis.cík>), so its quite likely that the 'brick' word comes from an unidentified Central Asian substrate.
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Subject: [tied] Re: Accepted cognates of Arya?

In the following examples, what would be the PIE consonants cognate
with Vedic 's.t.'

is.t.i, is.t.aka, is.t.ika 'brick' (Vedic)
is'tiia (Avestan)
zCmo-is'tuua 'clay brick' (Avestan).