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From: Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen
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Date: 2002-02-07

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, vishalsagarwal wrote:

> Would Indo-Europeanists like to comment on this shocking statement
> below?
> Vishal

I think it is up to American Indo-Europeanists to tell us if this is true.
I have myself so far participated in two congresses that resulted in
Proceedings published in the Monograph Series of the JIES. Neither at the
congresses (both held at UCLA) nor indeed ever in the pages of the journal
have I sensed the slightest indication of racial bias. American-style
Indo-European Studies are distinguished by a more *open* mind than one
finds in most places. Discussions about the people that may have spoken
the protolanguage or something similar are not banned, but neither is any
one school being favored a priori. The IE homeland has been placed
practically anywhere between the Atlantic and the Pacific, and discussion
has been objective and unprejudiced, and so have the papers on purely
linguistic topics. It is sad news to me if this is to be mentally
associated with any kind of neonazi propaganda. I have friends in these
circles, and they are not that way - some are even above suspicion by
being apparently of Jewish extraction, although that has never been an
issue in the many highly rewarding discussions I have had with my American
colleagues to whom I owe a lot.

Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen

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> > Are list members aware of the following book that was released
> just a
> > few weeks ago? I got my copy today.
> >
> > DAY John V. 2001. Indo-European Origins, The Anthropological
> > Evidence. The Institute for the Study of Man: Washington D.C. 546
> pp.
> >
> > The price is $68 + $3 for shipping within the United States. In
> case
> > you subscribe to the JIES, you will get a 40% discount.
> >
> > Here is the URL
> >
> >
> I was searching through the archives and found this article that I
> missed before.
> One warning: The Institute for the Study of Man's director Roger
> Pearson is known for his stands on racial eugenics and biological
> determinism.
> In 1984, the Wall Street Journal called him a "Racial purist."
> Here is a short bio of him from Searchlight Magazine:
> Roger Pearson, whose Institute for the Study of Man has been one of
> the top Pioneer beneficiaries over the past twenty years ($870,000
> from 1981-1996) is the clearest example of the extremist ideology of
> the Fund's leadership. Pearson came to the United States in the mid-
> sixties to join Willis Carto and the group around Right magazine. In
> 1965 he became editor of Western Destiny, a magazine established by
> Carto and dedicated to spreading fascist ideology. Using the
> pseudonym of Stephan Langton, Pearson then became the editor of The
> New Patriot, a short-lived magazine published in 1966-67 to
> conduct "a responsible but penetrating inquiry into every aspect of
> the Jewish Question," which included articles such as "Zionists and
> the Plot Against South Africa," "Early Jews and the Rise of Jewish
> Money Power," and "Swindlers of the Crematoria." Taking account of
> all groups linked to Pearson, Pioneer support between 1975-1996
> exceeds one million dollars - nearly ten percent of the total
> Pioneer grants for that period.
> He is also the publisher of Mankind Quarterly and the publisher and
> founding editor of The Journal of Indo-European Studies.
> Regards,
> Paul Kekai Manansala
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